The European Lung Foundation (ELF) and European Respiratory Society (ERS) launched a Patient Priorities project in 2015, an initiative in which patients advise on the development of guidance to address the needs of patients and inform healthcare professionals on areas where European level patient-centred information is lacking.

In the first Patient Priorities projects, ERN-LUNG was one of the partners who contributed to the development of patient-led information and guidance on the Bronchiectasis Patient Priorities site. A centralised resource hub, the website is for people with bronchiectasis and their caregivers across Europe with information and support to help you manage your condition. You can read about the latest travel recommendations for people with bronchiectasis, guidelines for the management of bronchiectasis, updates on relevant drugs in development, research priorities and latest findings, you can download factsheets and patient checklists that will help you discuss your care pathway, and you can participate in surveys and make your voice heard.