The Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) community urgently needs your help during these unprecedented days. Currently, we lack data in order to give evidence-based guidance to our patients.

Therefore, to cover your experience since the start of the pandemic in your country, we propose you to join the following survey before the deadline on 10 May, 2020. This survey is a common initiative of ERS Assembly 13 on Pulmonary Vascular Diseases, ERS Clinical Research Collaboration PHAROS, and European Reference Network for rare lung diseases (ERN-Lung), and is endorsed by patient association PHA Europe. Results from this survey will help to collect much-needed data and knowledge from various nations on the current crisis, and aim to keep our members updated during this very fluid and dynamic situation.

The aims of the survey are:
1) To collect data on the clinical course and treatment of COVID positive PH patients (concerns only group 1 and 4, PAH and CTEPH)
2) To collect data on hospitalisations, ICU admissions and outcomes

The idea is to have a dynamic process, with feedback of this survey communicated to you and follow up surveys proposed later during/after the outbreak.

We appreciate that you are busy but this survey is essential to offer evidence based future guidance. We are counting on your participation and wish you all the best during these difficult times. Feel free to skip questions if you don’t have the data.