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The European Reference Networks are featured in the Commission’s EU Protects campaign which aims to raise awareness of the ways in which the EU combats global challenges to protect its citizens.

At the core of the campaign is the production of a series of engaging videos and web features that cover 4 critical areas: migration and global stability, crime and terrorism, the economic situation, and health and the environment. These videos and features showcase real-life stories from the point of view of individuals from European countries that have been involved in an actual safety or security incident, challenge or project, providing an authentic demonstration of European solidarity and collaboration.

The European reference Networks are one of the example of how a strong and efficient European collaboration can make a difference in the life of some persons.

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European Reference Networks: A ray of hope for patients with rare and complex diseases, their families and doctors

A ray of hope_video

Patients video_2018

The European Commission released a new information flyer and video in November 2018 for patients and healthcare providers/care givers, demonstrating how the 24 ERNs funtion and how they help patients suffering from rare diseases find a diagnosis and apropriate treatment for their condititon by connecting them to experts across all member States:

patient video

patient flyer

ERN flyers are now avaliable in all EU linguistic versions at: